Strength Training
Lifting weights improves health and decreases risks of heart problems. Helps with fat loss, bone density, core and balance, and reduces your fall risk.
Making fitness part of your lifestyle will help your health, significantly improve your steps toward fitness goals. Fitness activity should be a daily routine; come get inspired to make it a weekly event.
Senior Fitness
Sitting behind a desk for the past 40 years? Improve your balance and strength and maintain your independence after retirement. Helps bone density, reduces need for medications, reduces risk of diabetes and hypertension. Improve core strength and reduce fall risks.
Seasonal sports and Athletics Training
From ski and snowboard conditioning to soccer and golf, improve your strength, speed, balance, and stamina to outlast the competition.
Weight loss
Improve your health and decrease risks associated with being overweight or obese such as heart disease and diabetes. Combine exercise with diet by building lean muscle mass to help your cholesterol and blood pressure levels.
Post Injury Rehabilitation*
Take gradual steps to becoming fit and independent with progressive exercises tailored to your specific needs.

Group Bootcamps

* Not a medical physician/physical therapist.


12 Sessions: $45 per session

Couples/2-Person Groups

12 Sessions: $30 per person/session

3-Person Groups

12 Sessions: $25 per person/session

4-Person Groups

12 Sessions: $20 per person/session


Intro: Individual assessment for $55

In-Home Private/Individual

12 Sessions: $840 per person

Sunday Availability


Monday Availability


Tuesday Availability


Wednesday Availability


Thursday Availability


Friday Availability


Saturday Availability

By appointment only

24 hour notice for cancellation or fee.

Personal Training Zone, Holladay

2700 E 4010 S
Salt Lake City, UT 84124
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Please note: You can purchase memberships from these gyms, but it’s not required to train with Fit Salt Lake.

Collin Vestal

Certified Personal Trainer



National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer

Senior Fitness Specialist (SFS)

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